Speedgrow™ Green Features

A no-nonsense, easy to use & economical alternative to soils!

Listening to Growers for many years, Speedgrow™ has gained a lot of know-how and translated that into a reliable, consistent and innovative range of products.  Speedgrow™  products have not only been proven to produce higher and faster yields but also save hobby and professional growers alike time, money and much needed space.

Superior Rooting Volume

Speedgrow™ Green features a vertical fiber structure, resulting in a very even distribution of nutrient solutions throughout. Due to its high capillary character, even the upper layer is protected from harmful evaporation and fully available to the roots.

Weed & Disease Free Environment
Speedgrow™ Green stone wool is a natural alternative for growing plants in the soil. It provides the grower a clean, well controlled and disease free rooting medium. Resulting in optimum yields and less money spent for pest, weed and disease control.
Optimum Water - Air Ratio

Speedgrow™ Green features a unique combination of high water absorption capacity and high drainage capacity, always ensuring the optimum water – air ratio.  This makes growing with Speedgrow™ Green very easy and very controllable.

Chemically Neutral

Speedgrow™ Green stone wool is chemically neutral, germ-free, inert and sterile. A quick and clean start of the crop is no longer a problem. pH and EC levels are neutral and can be adjusted to any preference level.